Full concert Book Fest 2023

Mikaël Hyla Quartet invites you to a musical journey between Paris and the Caribbean to the sound of the accordion, with rhythms of swing, French waltz, Colombian cumbia, pasillo, melodies from the depths of Eastern Europe and Latin jazz from Puerto Rico and Cuba, both exciting and explosive, taking the audience to be surprised by a style and a sonority of their own.

They started playing in restaurants in the city of Medellín until 2022, when they reached the National Cumbia Festival José Barros, the Django Festival and the Circulart showcases, an important step towards the professionalization of their musical project. They won first place in the International Youth Music Competition (Atlanta, USA), in the Word Music category.


What they do is fuse two cultures to create a whole new flavor. Each performer is in his own right, an outstanding soloist and plays with world-class maturity and musicianship.

International Youth Music Competition

Thank you for this spectacular concert, full of European airs and Caribbean flavors, a feast for the ears.

Christian Salgado B., The Jazz Club of Medellín

I saw their Circulart showcase, I really liked the energy they generate on stage.

Valerie Guillet, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival